Planet Mosaic

the Lofoten Islands

Although many of us tend to think that paradises can only exist in our planet’s tropical latitudes, one strip of land reminds us with brio that this preconception is completely unjustified. There is a corner of Northern Europe that is every bit as paradisiacal as Polynesia or the Caribbean. This area is the Lofoten Islands, a northern Eden of spectacular rocky peaks and huge granite cliffs, of crystal-clear seas and immaculate sandy beaches – proof that northern latitudes are not the enemies of southern summer attitudes.

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“The Fjords Road” tells the story of the charming and dynamic old ladies who are fighting to save their village by convincing the authorities to build a road that will allow their grandchildren to continue living in their fjord. Shown in prime time on Norway’s national TV channel, NRK, the film enabled the people of Storfjell to obtain the finance needed to build the last 300 metres of the road.