Despite this long Covid period, since September 2021 we have been able to carry out a series of trips to Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and France for the search for the last partner of our documentary series Planet Odyssey. Each 90-minute film will culminate with a conference in Finland that will bring together the films’ central figures. The next trip, at the beginning of March 2022, will also be dedicated to filming in a magical region of Northern Europe.



Letter of support from Mr Stéphane Dujarric, Director of the Information and Media Division, UNITED NATIONS Department of Public Information:

I am writing to express the United Nations News and Media Division’s support for the documentary series Planet Odyssey, consisting of four films to be shot over the next five years by Mr. Philippe Boucher.

Planet Odyssey will highlight the links between humankind and the environment in protected

areas around the world. The films will document the planet’s diverse landscapes and ecosystems, raise awareness about long- and short-term environmental threats, and highlight efforts by people to mitigate these threats with a view to inspiring individuals to play an active role in protecting and preserving the natural environment.

As Planet Odyssey aligns with the United Nations’ principles and priorities, the United Nations News and Media Division is currently discussing with Mr. Boucher and his team ways of incorporating Planet Odyssey material into our multimedia public information products.

We would appreciate any assistance and support offered to Mr. Boucher and his team in fulfilling this important mission.

Stéphane Dujarric


Planet Odyssey

Planet Odyssey 3rd book cover

After two years of traveling and meeting (New York, Washington, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Beijing, Tokyo, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Geneva and Paris), Planet Mosaic officially becomes Planet Odyssey. The UN is still an official partner alongside the H. Dudley Wright Foundation and a dozen other copartners. The presentation book is printed on the extraordinary Munken Polar paper. 


Gobi Desert in China

Désert de Gobi en Chine

Latest news for Planet Mosaic: Philippe as crossed the Chinese Gobi Desert by train for a preparation trip.


TV5 Monde

TV5 Monde

The 52′ minutes documentary “The fjord of Geneva’s lake” will be diffused on TV5 Monde.


Broadcast on RTS

Le fjord du Léman

“The fjord of the Alps, Geneva’s lake” was broadcast on RTS 1 on December 24, 2016 and the book was published the same week (see “By the films and books” on this website).


The Fjord of Geneva Lake

Fjord du Léman

We invite you to a preview showing “Fjord of the Alps, lake Geneva” University of Geneva the 15th of September 2016, rue Dufour 24, Geneva.




One image from Svalbard where I’m finishing a report for Euronews (during “blue hours”).


The Fjord of Geneva Lake


I’m filming the last sequences for “The Fjord of the Alps” in October, November is reserved for the editing and mixing,  the film will be given to RTS (National TV in Switzerland) beginning of December.
I’ll let you know about broadcast dates.

Best wishes, Philippe


The Fjord of Geneva Lake

Fjord du Léman

We have just added to the website an extended teaser for “Lake Geneva – Fjord of the Alps”. To watch it, click on the Planet Mosaic logo in the top left-hand corner of the page, then click on Switzerland on the map. “Lake Geneva – Fjord of the Alps” (52 minutes) will be broadcast by the Swiss national TV channel, RTS.


The Water Odyssey

We are pleased to present you a teaser of the film currently shooting “The Fjord of Geneva Lake”, the first step of “The Water Odyssey”.


The partners


The partners of  “The Fjord of Geneva”, first step of “The Water Odyssey” are the following:

RTS Swiss National Television
Hans Wilsdorf Foundation
Geneva Tourism and Convention
Institute F.A Forel (University of Geneva)
Montreux city
United Nations



vue d'avion

A whistle-stop tour of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia and Switzerland by Philippe in order to prepare the Planet Science documentary series: 10 plane trips, 4 ferry crossings, 6 train rides and 6 bus journeys, but nothing by scooter, between 21st and 28th April. To be filmed in parallel with Planet Mosaic, Planet Science is a series about scientific research, focusing on the environmental sector.


The Fjord of Geneva Lake

Le Fjord du Léman

Philippe Boucher is working on the project “The Fjord of Geneva Lake”, a 52-minute documentary produced in collaboration with the Swiss national television channel RTS. This film is an exceptional chapter of Planet Mosaic and a great favorite for Philippe.




During a preparatory trip to Spitsbergen (Svalbard), I was extraordinarily lucky enough to witness an amazing natural phenomenon. The “ice crystal lights” do not scintillate like the Aurora Borealis, but they are much rarer (the last time they were seen in Svalbard was 12 years ago). Extremely low air temperatures at very high altitude lead to the formation of ice crystals that reflect rays of sunlight from the south in an incredible display of reds and violets. This magnificent spectacle is even more impressive given that Svalbard is usually plunged into 24-hour darkness at this time of year.


Planet Mosaic

Planet Mosaic

The UN is an official partner of the documentary series Planet Mosaic.



Photos Enfants

I am currently preparing future film shoots for Planet Mosaic. Our series is showing nature through the eyes of people who care passionately about a specific area of the planet.
The next documentaries of Planet Mosaic will be part of a series of several films called “The Water Odyssey.” The first step will be “The Fjord of Geneva” then the other chapters will be realized in Svalbard, Norway and Bhutan.