Planet Odyssey Presentation

2021-2025 Planet Mosaic – Documentary series filmed all across our planet, focusing on the world’s most beautiful nature parks and following in the footsteps of their inhabitants. This series follows on from Planet Mosaic produced in France, in Europe and in the Outermost Regions of the European Union.

The 36 nature parks we will visit in 36 countries were chosen for their remarkable natural beauty and, most importantly, because they provide wonderful examples of the profound link between nature and people. Together they form an exquisite mosaic that depicts an intelligent and positive collaboration between humankind and nature. The people we will meet live far apart and in very different places, but they all have one thing in common – a passion for an activity they pursue in extraordinary landscapes!

“Philippe Boucher observes the lives of some extraordinary people, depicting them with a boundless poetry that reflects the love and respect he has for his fellow man. Boucher brings a photographer’s eye to his art, producing sumptuous panoramas, tracking the magical light that sweeps across the mountains and leading us on a fabulous voyage through breathtaking landscapes in the company of a cast that, for each film, took an entire year to assemble. The result is this almost anachronistic ode to the beauty of our planet.
Mosaic Odyssey is full of the love of life; a passion that Philippe Boucher shares with the extraordinary people that populate his films.”

Philippe PITAUD in “Le Progrès”(daily newspaper)