(Français) Planet Mosaic

The heart of Finland

There is a country whose inhabitants are as calm and peaceful as the forests and lakes that surround them, where the welcome is as warm as the saunas that are so much a part of local people’s lives. This country is Finland, whose heartland, the Kainuu region, I was lucky enough to film for Finland’s national television channel, YLE 1. The return of wild reindeer, which have migrated back to the area from Russia; the discovery of numerous species of insect (new to science); an architect’s passion for finding and restoring traditional old houses; and the kindness of a wood sculptor whose talent is only equalled by that of Mother Nature… …these are the facets of the Kainuu region explored in this documentary.

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These sequences have been combined into a single film with other sequences from the Plateau de Millevaches in France, an area that is amazingly similar to Kainuu. Two years were spent shuttling between two regions more than 3000-km apart.