China – Gobi Desert

We crossed the coldest desert in the world in December. Days and days spent in the 3rd class of a long green train weaving its way through arid and desolate landscapes. This railroad took us to the oasis of Dunhuang, the heart of the ancient Silk Road, after passing through the most isolated portions of the Great Wall of China and the extraordinary rocks of Zhangye. A bewitching journey. Incredible encounters offering conversations without words because using hand gestures and faces. A feeling of loneliness accompanied because the passengers wanted to come and see us, even if our exchanges were reduced to a few tangled syllables. Our walks in the almost frozen sand of the dunes of the Gobi Desert at sunrise were magical. Feeling at the end of the world ...

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This trip is one of the preparatory trips for our Planet Odyssey documentary series. The objective is to come back to follow the women and men who live with passion in these isolated territories. They are scientists, artisans, researchers, breeders, artists, ... it doesn't matter, as long as their attachment to these desert regions is sincere.