(Français) Planet Mosaic en France

Chapter 2 : The PACA Odyssey : Water

(Queyras, Lubéron, Gorges du Verdon, and Camargue Regional Parks, and the Ecrins and Mercantour National Parks, in Provence-Alps Côte d'Azur) Water by those who respect it...a sculptor of icefalls with a mountain guide, passionate entomologists and their enthusiasm for dry riverbeds, re-discoverers of forgotten wrecks, vultures soaring through the clouds and the inhabitants of cliff-hugging villages... ...those whose existence is continually linked to water.

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A hymn to the lives of men and women who demand respect and admiration, an ode to the beauty of our planet.

This film is an extract from the four films made in the Rhône-Alpes, Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur, Midi-Pyrénées and Brittany Regions (4 x 52 minutes + 4 x 30 minutes bonus).