(Français) Planet Mosaic

Archipelago Sea Area Biosphere Reserve

Unesco designated World Heritage sites of Humanity, we know, but this gigantic institution also means most beautiful natural sites of our planet deserve to be protected. 580 biosphere reserves in 114 countries have so far been designated by the UNESCO MAB Programme. These areas were chosen because they represent a remarkable natural heritage, but also and especially the finest examples of the essential link between nature and humans. Planet Mosaic... the finest examples of collaboration between positive and intelligent men, women and nature.

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The little Åland Islands ferry takes more than 4 hours to do its round of the archipelago, stopping at every island to drop off wood, food, a bag of cement, a cow, a newspaper or the mail. And if unloading a roof beam takes time and makes the boat late, it’s not a problem, as the captain’s only concern is to complete his round.