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Le bois en Guyane. Une richesse recensée : les nouvelles essences

Guyana is a gigantic treasure trove, covering 80,000 square kilometres, where French Forestry Office researchers, such as Olivier BRUNAUX, accompanied by botanists (notably Hélène RICHARD and Joseph ATENI), are discovering dozens of new trees.

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“About 20 years ago we had catalogued 1200 species in Guiana. Today, we have refined that figure to around 1600 species of tree. (…) Ah, there, that’s not bad, but… it’s coming down. Above you, Hélène. Great! Brilliant! Well done, Joseph! Look. A leaf like that with a hemmed edge. I’ve never seen that before! (…) Forest ranger is a very, very important job. It shouldn’t be disparaged. »